Friday, July 27, 2007

Thurs 26th - He never saw it coming...

Ouch! It's a bit bloodshot - better cover that with a patch Pete!

Last night's heroism showed it's toll on our gallant Pirate Pete who slipped into a cross party roll with an eye patch for today's performances of Iolanthe! (sorry for the puns).

A solid day was mostly enjoyed by all of the cast; a useful technical (followed by a rebuild of the mushroom due to tech difficulties, a great dress rehearsal and a pretty hot show. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves, and we definitely did.

After the show the company split up, some to bed, some out for food, some to the HoJo for a party and some to the Foundry for more Kareoke. Being a witness of only one of these events I have to say that 'Great Balls of Fire' by Dave Culm and 'American Pie' by Bozzy were both on the 'Not to be missed' feature in this month's issue of

If you missed it then...Sorry!

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