Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday 27th - Rumble strips are "Good to Go"...

Today was a free day for most people and activities ranged from lazing by the pool to exploring the islands to trips in float planes. Everyone enjoyed themselves, even Pete who (scared half to death) took a float plane flight into the mountains.

Despite only having sight in one eye Pete said that the views were fantastic apart from when we flew over one peak to reveal a 3,000 foot chasm! At that point he shut his good eye!

Jo from Ubetcha took Pete to the medical centre to get the eye seen to and it seems that he has a torn eyeball laminate. The optromitrist made him up a healing contact lens which he has to keep on for 5 days and this morning (Saturday) Pete said his vision was slowly clearing! Great news! "Good to go"!

It seems that Dave Culm, who ribbed Mike 'The Fish' Martin for his rumble strip mayhem earlier in the holiday, also has a penchant for the bumpy stuff and gave Pandy and Barbara a restless journey back from their trip today. Culmy - will you ever learn?

Tonight's Iolanthe was a much better show than first night and the audience and cast really enjoyed themselves. Perhaps the final performance of the 'Mushroom' Iolanthe? Only time will tell...

The Grafters, Canada Division, stripped Iolanthe in double quick time (30 mins) and almost completed the fit up of Pirates. If only Pete and Rumble Strip Dave could have had a better aim with getting their pins in the holes we might have finished it! 11pm we were ordered out of the theatre for a well earned beer (or four).

Here's to Pirates tomorrow! Cheers!!!

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