Monday, July 30, 2007

Sun 29th - Farewell Friends...

Friends both new and old waved farewell this morning. Some people were leaving for home and others moving on to further investigate Canada and North America leaving behind new friends on the Ubethcha team (and Stacey and Christie from The Foundry - eh boys!) - see you guys again we hope!

Sadly this will be my last post on the blog as we are off to Victoria to rest & recover from this fantastic week.

I will keep posting photos for anyone who is interested.

See you all soon.

Simon & Jo

Sat 28th - A Triumph in Harbour City

Wisely Andrew called a walk-through rehearsal of Pirates this morning at 11am and it was well worth it. The matinee show went at full pelt and wowed the audience into a standing ovation. We think this was mostly due to Mike (Moose) Oldbury's arse on floor moment in "When the foeman". Well done Mikey!

We split up again for a bite to eat before the evening show. Pete and Stu of course kept the takings up at The Foundry whilst other folks scattered here there and everywhere.

The evening show was unbelievable. Sharp, crisp, sparkling and as good as I think we have ever performed Pirates. I understand that the audience where awestruck and reports from FoH where of top quality.

At this juncture I'd like to thank Andrew. He has thanked everyone else's hard work but we haven't thanked him and he works harder than everyone to ensure the performance is as good as we can make it - Thank You Andrew.

After the fantastic show came the moment we all were dreading - loading the container. However, under Keith's expert direction the load took just over an hour and somehow despite less than a square foot of space in the outward journey, it seemed we could have fit another set in the container when the doors finally closed - awesome job!

Despite the late hour some folks were able to take Arlene's invitation to nibbles and drinks at her house and a good time was had by all. Thank you Arlene, Jo, Joan and Greg, Mike & John for all of their help, support and hospitality over the past week and the run up to this fantastic event.

Bed was welcomed at 1.30am!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday 27th - Rumble strips are "Good to Go"...

Today was a free day for most people and activities ranged from lazing by the pool to exploring the islands to trips in float planes. Everyone enjoyed themselves, even Pete who (scared half to death) took a float plane flight into the mountains.

Despite only having sight in one eye Pete said that the views were fantastic apart from when we flew over one peak to reveal a 3,000 foot chasm! At that point he shut his good eye!

Jo from Ubetcha took Pete to the medical centre to get the eye seen to and it seems that he has a torn eyeball laminate. The optromitrist made him up a healing contact lens which he has to keep on for 5 days and this morning (Saturday) Pete said his vision was slowly clearing! Great news! "Good to go"!

It seems that Dave Culm, who ribbed Mike 'The Fish' Martin for his rumble strip mayhem earlier in the holiday, also has a penchant for the bumpy stuff and gave Pandy and Barbara a restless journey back from their trip today. Culmy - will you ever learn?

Tonight's Iolanthe was a much better show than first night and the audience and cast really enjoyed themselves. Perhaps the final performance of the 'Mushroom' Iolanthe? Only time will tell...

The Grafters, Canada Division, stripped Iolanthe in double quick time (30 mins) and almost completed the fit up of Pirates. If only Pete and Rumble Strip Dave could have had a better aim with getting their pins in the holes we might have finished it! 11pm we were ordered out of the theatre for a well earned beer (or four).

Here's to Pirates tomorrow! Cheers!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thurs 26th - He never saw it coming...

Ouch! It's a bit bloodshot - better cover that with a patch Pete!

Last night's heroism showed it's toll on our gallant Pirate Pete who slipped into a cross party roll with an eye patch for today's performances of Iolanthe! (sorry for the puns).

A solid day was mostly enjoyed by all of the cast; a useful technical (followed by a rebuild of the mushroom due to tech difficulties, a great dress rehearsal and a pretty hot show. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves, and we definitely did.

After the show the company split up, some to bed, some out for food, some to the HoJo for a party and some to the Foundry for more Kareoke. Being a witness of only one of these events I have to say that 'Great Balls of Fire' by Dave Culm and 'American Pie' by Bozzy were both on the 'Not to be missed' feature in this month's issue of

If you missed it then...Sorry!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weds 25th - "I'm sure we marked it!"

Today was always going to be a tough one and so it proved...

Men's movement drill at 10.30am (for those that turned up on time!)
Technical/Blocking rehearsal on stage from 11.30am - 1.15pm
Dress Rehearsal for Pirates between 2.30pm - 5pm
Strike Pirates, build Iolanthe from 5pm onwards
Pirates band call at 7pm

We finished a long day at about 9.30pm with the immortal words (from Mr Jackson) "I'm sure we marked it/them" ringing in our ears. Of course we hadn't marked the floor tiles or the drapes so we played the usual guessing games but we'll be sure to mark them before the strike (hopefully).

I'll take this opportunity to thank the technical team particularly Alan Jackson, David Marsden and of course Keith Drage who flew in by sea plane at 9.30am today and was on stage by 10am!

Whilst saying this I would also like to recognise the immense effort by the props and costume staff particularly of course Pat and Sue. Is it me or is Sue impossible to fluster even when we forget our ties, shoes, belts, etc., etc., etc!

I actually didn't think there would be much to write in today's blog until around 10.30 this evening when a fight broke out outside the local hostelry (The Foundry of course) and ex-PC Bostock decided to break it up. A lot of screaming and shouting later and Pete broke it up but not before taking a left hook in the eye!!!

Not a bad shot for a 4 and a half foot, seven stone laydeee!

Not sure what his eye is going to look like in the morning, we'll have to wait and see...

Tomorrow Pete will be mostly make up!